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Additional Items to Consider When Purchasing Furniture

The Ergonomic Chair

Back Support:

Back support is one on the major requirements of a new chair, the support should be  constant no matter what movement you make in the chair and fit properly to your back at all times.

Seat on the chair:

The front of the seat should have a waterfall front. A straight seat will cut off circulation on the backside of your knees.  Some chairs have the option to adjust the seat, a good tip for proper seating  that you should  have enough room to slide your fingers between the inside of your legs and the front edge of the seat.

Armrest for the chair:

You should a enough space between your body and the sides of the chair for movement in the chair.  Adjustable arms will help take pressure off your shoulder and neck.

Height Adjustment:

You should adjust your chair for good posture, thighs should be horizontal to the ground, both feet on the ground, wrists should be straight while typing.

Monolithic Systems Furniture

1) The panel system shall exhibit no “panel creep”, including that which is created by end-of-run finishing trim.

2) Panels shall have a capacity for being connected at 90-degrees, at three-way “T”, and at four-way junctures using the same, universal connector.

3) The product shall meet at minimum BIFMA Level II Standards

Frame/Tile Systems Furniture

1) All panels should be between 2½” and 3”thick.

2) Panels shall have a capacity for being connected at 90-degrees, at a three-way “T”, and at four-way junctures using the same, universal connector.

3) At least two horizontal pathways must be available for distribution of electrical devices — at beltline and baserail.

4) The product shall meet, at minimum, BIFMA Level II Standards.